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Whether it is for your birthday at home our your party out, you can now have catering from FOOD CLUB delivered right to your doorstep. Catering can be ordered by a minimum of 10 persons and has to be ordered at least 48 hours before delivery.Find out more about our catering, and send us your request by filling out the formular right here. We will quickly get back to you.

Attention! This menu is valid until January 6th. Do you wish to plan an event after this date? Please contact our booking department at or by phone +45 38 42 42 64.

Menu 2 og 3 can be chosen as a vegetarian version with warm green dishes instead og meat and fish. The selection at FOOD CLUB is dynamic. We therefore take precautions for single adjustments at the menu.
❋ = vegetarian ❤ = vegan
Choose 1 meat/fish for menu 2 or 2 meat/fish for menu 3
Choose 1 warm green dish for menu 2 and 3. Do you wish for a vegetarian menu? Please choose further 1 or 2 warm green dishes.
For add-ons please check the box for the dish/those dishes you wish to add in the menu above

If you have special wishes, let us know in the comment box or contact us on mail or phone to get a custom arrangement. We look forward to hear from you.